Ella M.

Ella M.’s new single “Take Yourself Home” continues the sentiment for nostalgic music with an 80s revival that assumes an unmistakably modern identity. Perhaps when we’re feeling stuck or trapped, we look to the past for answers; Los Angeles’s history is filled with icons who have overcome extreme adversity and found success. “Take Yourself Home” is a optimistic response to said struggles, filled with nostalgic synths, milky vocals, and upbeat drums.

Ella has grappled with obstacle after obstacle since moving from England to pursue her music career, but she’s better for it. Here’s four things Ella M. has learned during her journey in LA that may also be of use to you:

1. The tsunami of emotions that accompany moving from your hometown to LA is ​always uncomfortable. You’ll feel homesick, anxious, daunted by the inherent cutthroat nature of his city, experience the ever-persistent imposter syndrome – but this is a part of the process that makes you a better artist. The benefits that come with learning to adapt are empowering and inspiring. Ride this wave.

2. Change is bittersweet. Music – in this case Ella’s – can be a cathartic reflection of that. Don’t listen to the hearsay or the unsolicited judgements of those around you. No one knows you, but you. The inevitable negative thoughts that brew during this time don’t get you any further in life or in your career. Tell those thoughts to #stayintheirlane.

3. Don’t be afraid to go get what you want because of who you are or how you identify. You’re not alone and underrepresented voices need to be heard.

4. Navigating the music industry in LA, in particular, is chaotic and frightening. When you feel yourself falling down the rabbit hole of your fears and anxiety, use your art as a tool to set you on the right path. And others will find solace doing the same.

Ella M. has also spoken to RAIN (The Rape Abuse and Incest National Network) about sexual violence and the impact music can have. “RAINN prioritizes victims of sexual violence (Rape, Abuse & Incest) and brings light to a subject that needs attention, especially in this agile era. I want my music to bring awareness to the cause and empower victims of sexual violence to reach out and get appropriate help.

Ella M.’s “Take Yourself Home” is out now and available for streaming. Ella M. will be performing at KCRW’s Desert Nights on March 18, Hotel Cafe Main Stage on April 2, and at WFNM’s event at Bar Lubitsch on May 21.

Words: Jenna Dorn


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Ella M. Tour Dates

3/18 – KCRW’s Desert Nights
4/1 – Hotel Cafe Main Stage
5/21 – WFNM @ Bar Lubitsch