Ella M. Grapples with Change in Soulful Pop Debut “Myself”

ella m singer

A new soul-bird is on the L.A. scene. R&B artist Ella M., via New York via London, just released her intimately sophisticated debut single ‘Myself’. The song hits with a groove that is at once weighty and listless, much like the nature of change.

Uprooting your life and the comforts of what you know is often accompanied by fear and uncertainty. Chasing music, Ella M. packed her bags for Los Angeles, stirring up the emotions that would become the backbone of ‘Myself.’

“After moving to LA I started spending a lot of time either in the studio or writing in my house. It took me a long time to get used to being alone most of the time…This song is me expressing my need for love and intimacy as a way to distract myself from my deep rooted feelings / problems. 


Despite any discomforts, Ella has been taking Los Angeles by storm, filling out the Peppermint Club with a live band just a few weeks ago. The impressive singer-songwriter has a full EP release, ‘Yellow Blazer,’ set for 2020 that chronicles the bittersweet, inspiring nature of change. In addition, Ella will be donating 20% of the revenue from her upcoming EP to RAINN – the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. 

Ella M.’s next L.A. show will be at the Hotel Cafe on Jan. 28, followed by a performance at The Mint on Feb. 5. For more concert dates and news, stay in touch with the positive force that is Ella M. via Spotify and Instagram.

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