Carré share mind-bending new single “This is not a band”

Carre la band

Los Angeles-based Carré have shared the video for their new single “This is not a band,” a glitchy, down the rabbit hole immersion into the band’s love of abstraction and surrealism. Comprised of Julien Boyé, Jules de Gasperis, and Keveen Baudouin, Carré is as much a melding of sounds and textures as it is of the experiences each member brings.

From Boyé’s extensive drum work alongside acts like James Supercave, to Gasperis’ honed synthesizer talents as a studio owner and Baudouin’s own excess experience playing the rock/psyche scene as the group’s longest running L.A. native; Carré bursts forward on its complex and winding sonics. “This is not a band” perfectly blends their acute love of the visually chaotic and psychedelic with potent soundscapes that do just as much to thrust the listener into the world they mold.

“There’s something about not getting attached to the form, when you step back and disengage yourself from the form, you become in touch with something more pure and spiritual, while remaining in the square.”

Carré are sharing their new single digitally and as a 7” vinyl titled It’s not something that you do It’s something that happens to you” via Nomad Eel Records. Their self-titled EP is due out this May. Visit Carré’s Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated with new music and tour announcements.

Watch the video for Carré new single “This is not a band”


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