gateway drugs
Photo by Ryan Nolan

If you were in need of a quick fix, LA’s Gateway Drugs has returned with a new single and an album announcement. “Wait (Medication)” is the first cut from the quartet’s sophomore LP, PSA, which was recorded live at Josh Homme’s Pink Duck Studios and is due out on May 8th. The new track was produced by Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes and is sure to soundtrack many warm nights as we drift into a SoCal summer. 

Clarity comes in Gateway Drugs’ fuzz. On their 2015 record, Magick Spells, the local troupe established themselves as eager slacker rockers. Today, if it’s possible, they seem to care even less. “Wait (Medication)” rollicks with disinterest like an aloof bad boy, smoking cigarettes and paraphrasing past conversations. Guitar licks dance in swirling psychedelia until everyone starts to get wild ideas about their own mortality. That tipping point is what the band intended, representing, among other things, “falling in love with madness.”

Pre-order PSA via Aporia Records. Follow Gateway Drugs on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

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