Chicano Batman release punchy new song and video “Pink Elephant”

chicano batman

Chicano Batman have released a new single “Pink Elephant” off their upcoming album, ‘Invisible People,’ out May 1 via ATO Records. The track is the band’s second release this year, and while it contains all the elements of sound that are typical of a Chicano Batman song, it’s heavily saturated so that it comes at you from out of left field.

Truthfully, “Pink Elephant” is hard to classify sonically. While it’s definitely on par with the band’s avant garde style, the attitude and overall resulting sound is something we haven’t quite heard from the east Los Angeles quartet before. 

Lead singer Bardo Martinez’s vocals are heavily distorted and the instrumentals sound electronically charged.

It’s psychedelia overlayed with a 90s underground toner, and paired with the song’s visually dynamic and punchy music video, combines the unhinged style of Red Hot Chili Peppers with the sleepy stoner vibe of some early west coast hip hop.

The music video, filmed at Hollywood’s Barefoot Studios — an iconic recording space that housed the likes of Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye — is a conglomerate of colors, movement, themes, styles and vibes that while not easy to pin down, is delivered rather authenticity and energetically by the band. 

When talking about the origin of the song, the band noted that the original seed came from their bassist Eduardo Arenas.

“The demo version was titled ’40 Dollar Carwash,'” says the band. “On his birthday, Eduardo got one and the freshness of his whip reminded him of his West Coast roots listening to hip hop growing up in 90’s L.A. With Pharcyde and Dr. Dre in mind, along with Gabriel’s technical drum prowess, they tracked a bunch of ideas that were boiled down to the hook at the band’s rehearsal space. ‘Pink Elephant’ is an edgy portrayal of a cinematic landscape driven home by a deep pocket; with an unmistakable party vibe.”

Despite some of its getting used to, the song is a much needed breath of fresh air in these turbulent times, and it’s great to see a young band play with sound while pulling from the music and vibes that helped make Los Angeles and its music so special.

‘Invisible People’ drops May 1 via ATO Records. Chicano Batman were scheduled to go on tour this April, but with California’s statewide shelter-in-place measures and growing concerns over covid-19, the band has postponed their tour until it is safe to attend gatherings and events.

To hear more from the band, visit their website or follow them on social media.


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