frogi shares haunting new single “til i turn blue”

Los Angeles singer/songwriter frogi has a new song titled “til i turn blue,” a haunting piano ballad that sees the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter expanding the creative world she initially started with her debut introvert EP.

“We’re going through a really strange time right now and I hope this song can help a tiny bit,” shares frogi. With the help of her female collective / choir she’s formed – known affectionately as “frogi friends,” created to provide a strong community for women in the music industry – frogi has imbued her songs with the vastly beautiful harmonies that perpetually drift within them.

“til I turn blue” finds such a piercing hope – a desperation in holding onto the things we love – despite how troubling it can be at times. With the piano part created by her friend, Jake Justice — frogi rearranged the chords a bit, and from there the melody / lyrics beautifully unraveled.

“The song wrote itself really,” shares frogi. “It’s about an underlying, never ending soul-love. My fiancé and I always say this thing when we’re fighting, which is if our love is a multi-story building, the first floor is love. We might be fighting or going through some bullshit on the 5th or 6th floor, but the first floor is always love, no matter what. So this song is about falling back to that love time and time again – even when things feel unsteady.”

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Stream Frogi’s new song “til i turn blue”

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