Valley Queen Pen Instant Classic with New Single’Your Red Light’

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With etherial vocals and warm instrumentals, Los Angeles-based band Valley Queen have captured with their new single, a particular sentiment of distance — not physical but emotional.

Dramatic, solitary, muted with moody lighting — then the voice of an angel breaks through. It’s emotional right off the bat; moving to the heart and stirring to the soul.

“‘Your Red Light’ is a song about facing destructive compulsion in the midst of devotion and love,” says the band’s lead singer Natalie Carol, who co-wrote the song with Emily Gold of Cosmo Gold.

Starting out sparse, Carol carries her vocals — accompanied every now and then by Gold — over drawn out lulls, softly overlaying her words to a piano. Soon Carol’s lyrics find company in a full sounding bass and drums that seem to at first take a stretch before enjoying a candid stroll. A liquid sounding guitar eventually joins, shuffling in free form.

Carol’s vocals capture a tone that’s not at all bitter, just accepting. Letting go of the good and the bad, the singer leaves not with an angry brood, but a beautifully crooned piece of advice born out of closure.

“Out on the town, turn down the dial baby. Hope you slow down coz I can’t be your red light anymore … “

Accompanying “Your Red Light” is a slow moving experimental beauty; a music video with cinematic shots and careful close ups that blend perfectly with the music.

First blue, the lighting and set start out with our singer in solitude. But, as the shot opens up to show more band members, the lighting turns red, and the song begins to hit its stride. Everything is echoey and elongated, and the words paint a picture of two sides in a schism when before they were one. The light fades from red to blue and back again, adding to the power and subtlety of the lyrics.

Valley Queen consists of Carol, bassist Neil Wogensen and Mike DeLuccia on drums. Collaborating in unconventional ways with other artists for “Your Red Light” helps to make the song and overall production very unique.

“I wanted to make recordings that were more collaborative, with artists that surround me that I admire but were not formal members of my band,” says Carol who worked with Cosmo Gold and musician William Tyler. The latter of which wrote the guitar riffs in the song.

“Both living in LA, I reached out to him soon after we got back from Marfa to ask him to be a part of it and he came up with the most beautiful guitar arrangements right in the studio.”

“Your Red Light” drops as a two sided 7′ vinyl on May 15. The tune’s B-side “Bad Astrology” has yet to be released electronically. Visit the band’s website or follow them on social media.

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