Naked and Famous

Los Angeles indie-darlings The Naked and Famous have shared a somber, affecting new song titled “Death,” off their forthcoming new record Recover. The new track is a slow-burning, synth-structured ballad that sees duo Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers swapping their heart-wrenching croons against a backdrop of cascading electronics. Squeezed between all the big questions of life and mortality—which the song so poignantly tackles, especially at a moment in time when so many are facing it first hand—the dualities are given personal, intimate life via the duo’s ever powerful knack for raw emotional honesty.

Ever the life-affirming bunch, The Naked and Famous have returned with no less than the same fervor for trying to encapsulate such grandiose and unwieldy sentiments—like death—without losing the human element.

“Mortality has always fascinated me,” says Thom Powers of the new song, “but it’s becoming more of a tangible concept as my family gets older. Age and experience have brought me some perspective on just how fragile life is. Nothing is permanent, and we take a lot for granted. Nowhere is this more salient than in the haunting awareness that our loved ones will one day be gone. More and more, I think about the limited time I have to share with the precious people that luck has introduced me to. ‘Death’ is a sober and loving reminder to value the life around us and stay appreciative and connected to those we cherish … this mentality feels especially important during the times we’re currently in.”

The Naked and Famous are releasing their new record Recover July 24 via Somewhat Damaged/AWAL, pre-order here. Visit their website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to the Naked and Famous’ new single “Death” below!