Saloon Rock Godess Rachel Oto

Yeehaw! Rachel Oto just turned this quarantine into a corral with her new song and music video “Angel”, off her upcoming EP. The gallant track channels the lively spirit of the Wild West into an epic narrative about frustration, pain, and betrayal, as Oto curses a friend’s deceit and trickery. 

“Angel” parades galloping drums and rollicking guitars that Oto moseys along with her modern croon a la Nancy Sinatra and Karen Dalton. Vivacious strings score the video’s silent-film western style aesthetic, featuring some road-worn time travelers and a devious, treasure-hungry villain.

Oto revealed about the track: “‘Angel’ always felt like it belonged in a Western. When I wrote it, even before there were lyrics, I could imagine bandits on horseback chasing a train while I played through the chord changes. When it came time to film a music video, it seemed only right that the Wild West spirit that helped create the song should also live in the visuals.

“The most fun part of making the “Angel” video was seeing the story come together while we were filming. My team and I had put so much energy into organizing and planning during pre-production, that it was a wonderful relief once we were all on location, in costume, bringing scenes to life. It’s truly magical watching images that were once in your head play out in front of your eyes and be captured by the camera.”

“Angel” is the first slice of Oto’s current project, an ongoing collaboration with producer Andrew Monheim of AndromiDen Recordings and Monheim Microphones. It features electric guitar work from legendary multi-instrumentalist Fuzzbee Morse (Frank Zappa, Jaco Pastorius, Bono, etc.), pulsing bass lines from Eliot Lorango (DOROTHY), and breathtaking keys work from Alexander Burke (Save Ferris, Billy Ray Cyrus). “Angel” is mixed by Jason Schweitzer (A$AP Rocky, Mayer Hawthorne, Snoop Dogg) and mastered by Gavin Lurssen (Todo, Ben Harper, Ryan Adams). 

Oto’s upcoming EP chronicles her struggle with displacement, loneliness, and belonging, and is currently scheduled to be released this summer. Watch the video for “Angel” below and follow Rachel Oto’s journey at her website,iInstagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also stream her music on Bandcamp .

Watch Rachel Oto’s Video for “Angel”

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