Premiere: Sloane seeks solace in the loneliest of places on new single “In My Head”

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Sloane—the moniker of self-described gutter-punk turned jazz herald Nick Rosen—has released a new single in the form of “In My Head.” An atmospheric and deeply pensive track that digs at the scabs of depression, loneliness, and unrequited love, Sloane thrives in the song’s bleak but dulcet melody.

Blending his love of jazz compositions with an alt-R&B flair, “In My Head” embodies the often saddening disconnect between what we find ourself wanting in our head, and what we actually find ourselves experiencing. Hitch that poignant sentiment to Sloane’s ever-ethereal croons and the mixture is one that gets into the very grooves and depressions that cover the heart.

“This song is about being with someone who is consistently giving you 10% but then pretending that they are giving you 100%. Wanting so bad for the relationship to work that you pretend that small things they do are really huge acts of love. I was dating this model and I was telling my friend about it and how she really loves me and wants this and that but she’s just dealing with a lot, working etc; my friend replied ‘maybe you just heard her say I love you in your head’.”

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Listen to Sloane’s new single “In My Head”

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