Spencer’S New Single “Maybe” A Telling Coming of Age Story

spencer new song maybe

Writing from a place of honesty and unafraid to capture his youth as well as the moments that age him, young artist Spencer has been releasing genre bending music since he was a teenager. Now stepping up to the precipice of turning 21, Spencer focuses on expressing his inner turmoil with his newest single,”Maybe.”

With a strong willed mindset, Spencer’s music rarely stays confined by one sound, rather he takes introspective lyrics and combines his favorite elements of different genres to construct a new arrangement that compliments his vocal styles.

“Maybe” is no different. A heavy tune, with low and deep drum beats, repeating underlying melody and lyrics about the trials of growing up, the song expresses inner turmoil, but also a strength to persist even against all that life throws at you. Each experience rolls off of Spencer’s tongue, landing with a thud at his feet, but he keeps taking a step forward.

“I’m lost in the clouds. I’m not coming down. I’m on my way up; cumulonimbus. It got me stuck. In a few weeks I’ll be 21 2020 my vision til 20-somthin’. I’ve been working like I’m scared of growing up.”

Raised by immigrants, one of whom is a chemist and the other a lover of music, Spencer has navigated his life with a love of different musical styles and the intelligence to pursue his own career in the industry.

“My parents were understandably upset when I left school,” he says, “but I promised them I’d go back if things didn’t work out.” Less than twelve months later, he’d racked up millions of streams on Spotify, garnered glowing reviews on both sides of the Atlantic, and signed a record deal with indie powerhouse 4AD. “I don’t think I’m going back,” he says with a laugh.

Influenced by Jazz, Hip Hop and many other genres, Spencer took up playing the piano at the young age of four only after it was determined he was too young to play the trumpet — an aspiration the toddler had after falling in love with Miles Davis.

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Words: Patricia Sanchez

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