Arqestry processes Electronic Sounds in Abstract new EP

When your brain feels like its on an information overload, and lyrics feel too heavy, electronic music can help fill the void. Local musician Arqestry steps in to give us melodic tones and frequencies in his newest EP release ‘Theory’ — streaming exclusively on Bandcamp.

Arqestry seven-song EP floats through space with electronic flexibility. Songs build and collapse at the whim of their creator, sometimes seeming suspended in motion and other times, the melody goes racing by.

“I started this project a couple years ago because I wanted to experiment with different sounds, rhythms, textures, etc. with no specific genre in mind. Slowly, it started to take form and this is what came out of that process.”

The quick bites of consciousness form and break apart like abstract math equations, reveling in its irrationality and intricacy.

Arqestry is a local of Southern California where he writes, produces and plays several instruments. Earlier this year he also released a full length album, ‘Pale Blue.’

For more on Arqestry, visit his website or follow him on social media.

Words: Patricia Sanchez

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