Hot Artist Alert: Arqestry — lo-fi pop for the soul

Cozy up to Arqestry’s new single “Beaches”

Album artwork done in collaboration Luca Ferrario

Up-and-coming producer / singer-songwriter, Arqestry has premiered a sexy space jam titled “Beaches.” Written, recorded, and produced by Arqestry, “Beaches” takes you on a smooth ride full of lush atmospherics, delicate whispers and a plethora of synth sonics. It’s the kind of song you want soundtracking a chill day at the beach or a relaxing day under a tree with your favorite edible.

“Growing up in Southern California, if you had nothing to do, you could always drive to the beach, shares Arqestry when asked about his new single. “Simply put, it was a place to get lost and to escape. “

Arqestry’s new single follows his 2016 album release Dreams. Created in his studio (aka bedroom), “Beaches” finds Arqestry diving into his newfound sound and embracing all the hazy goodness that radiates from a mix of lo-fi, dream-pop and soul.

Arqestry is busy recording music, but plans to book shows soon. Keep up with him via Instagram, Facebook and SoundCloud for more music and updates.

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