Peach Kelli Pop, the Southern California indie-rock outfit of Annir Hanlon, has shared the first single from their upcoming EP with the jangly rhythms of “Cut Me Off.” On the lush, riff-laden piece that taps the bands love of 50s and 60s female-led pop music, Hanlon searches for the will to remove herself from a toxic situation, wailing away in that soft, soothing croon of hers to the song’s jittery rollicking melody.

And tucked under all the kinetic anxiousness of the song’s driving melody is Hanlon’s tender and raw attempt to reconcile complicated love and even more complicated relationships. Sublime and noisy, Peach Kelli Pop echo some of the best in their contemporaries–from the off-kilter in Courtney Barnett to the gloom of Alvvays–yet with Hanson still steering the indie-rock outfit via her own uniquely expressed angst.

“This song is about lacking the strength to walk away from a situation you know is harmful to you,” Hanlon said of the single. “It’s about really wanting a relationship to work (whether it be romantic or a friendship) and hanging on, but knowing deep down that it won’t work out.”

Her Lucky Star EP is out October 7 via Lauren Records, pre-order it here. Visit their website and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to Peach Kelli Pop’s new song “Cut Me Off”

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