Mon Laferte and Alejandro Fernández duet on “Que Se Sepa Nuestro Amor” a love letter to Mexican culture

Mon Laferte

Like a match made in heaven, Chilean and Latin Grammy winning artist Mon Laferte has teamed-up with the legendary Alejandro Fernández on the unforgettably sublime duet: “Que Se Sepa Nuestro Amor.” A gorgeous traditional melody pieced together by the lilting textures—acoustic guitars, trumpets, violins, and even an accordion—embellish Laferte and Fernández’s already heart-achingly phenomenal harmonies.

The new song is also accompanied by beautiful black & white film directed by Rodrigo Robles; and between Fernández poking his head out of a sea of sombreros to offer-up his dulcet croons to the near endless shots of Laferte wandering through scenes straight from the golden age of Mexican cinema, the film paints a tender portrait of the story of love.

An intimate love letter to Mexican culture, “Que Se Sepa Nuestro Amor” proudly merges the long-ingrained roots of Latin music and its bright future—there’s even a few scenes where Fernández sits singing and smiling with his all women band (sporting stunning tattoos all over their bodies).

There’s an authenticity and clarity with which Laferte and Fernández have come together for this duet, with the former describing working with Laferte as an incredibly unique experience and that listening to a “ranchera song in a voice as passionate and unique as Mon’s does not happen every day.”

I was not just writing a love song, I was thinking of a song of principles – from now on love should never hide,” says Laferte. “It seemed to me that the song had to be a duet and I thought of Alejandro, the greatest exponent of regional music, and I am very happy that he accepted.”

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