Someplace, Somewhere, the project of singer/songwriter Niko Burciaga, has shared a stunning new video for his single “When this is over.” A melancholic track that surges on the tenderest of hopes, “When this is over” is an aptly timed single that wraps up all the angst that has come with a year of isolating oneself from loved ones.

Directed by Niko and Affernie Michel, the lyric video for the song features Niko standing over an urban sprawl at sunrise, his silhouette illuminated by the orange and red light coming over the horizon. Over an anthemic mix of electronica and a glowing guitar medley, “When this is over” assuage all the fear and melancholy that has crept into people’s lives out of isolation, acting as a love letter of hope to be slipped between people who find that they can’t be with the ones they love right now.


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Like the daylight that starts to break behind him, Niko’s song illuminates for us perseverance that is bolstered by the belief that nothing can outlast the love that connects us — that even when we are separated, it’s the belief that we will be together again that sustains us.

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Watch Someplace, Somewhere’s lyric video for “When this is over”