Premiere: Body Language are all futuristic-glam in video for “Start It Up”

Body Language are all futuristic-glam in the video for "Start It Up"
Photo by Brandon Thomas Brown

Brooklyn avant-garde pop act Body Language have shared a mesmerizing new video for their anthemic song “Start It Up.” Comprised of Angelica Bess, Grant Wheeler, Matt Young and Ian Chang, the band has a penchant for experimenting with futuristic-tinged blends of soul and R&B. The song, off their recent album Travel Guide, takes that futurism to the next level–a sci-fi disco unfolds as part of the song’s video, featuring sparkling outfits, glittering platforms, a spectacular array of dancers, and no small amount of smoke.


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The music video for “Start It Up” unfolds exactly like you’d expect, as a funky distillation of rhythm and blues that goes from zero to infinity across its three-minute runtime. And the song’s promotion of ecstatic self-love is made manifest in the video’s group of dancers, led by Makeesha Davis-Hill & Coral Dolphin, who dazzle alongside Bess’ electrifying vocals.

“Dreamlike mirage of glamour and shimmering movement. The video travels through a tribute to the obligatory 90’s music video from the fisheye lens, various glamour looks, to the choreography,” Angelica said of the song. “Its a tribute to our favorite videos of the 90’s and early 00’s. An ode to the New Roaring 20’s: a little old and a lot new. Start It Up represents the new age of loving yourself, expressing yourself, and having a good fucking time. Body Language’s music carries us to a new era: undefined, open to interpretation and this video is just the beginning.”

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