Body Language Plays Triumphant Set at The Echo, Channels Kendrick, Gets Cut Short.

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It was a triumphant show for Body Language at The Echo Saturday night. “Thanks so much for coming out,” said lead-singer Angelica Bess to a packed audience, “We played the Echo five years ago to, like, five people. This really means a lot.” There were a lot more fans in attendance this time around, and Body Language was feeling themselves considerably.

If I’m being honest, I felt that their newest EP was a bit front-heavy. The back half of the record was less dance and more singer/songwriter house. But live, those same songs worked out a lot better than I expected. Angie’s energy is contagious and she belts these songs with a passion that converts any crowd to her whims. The rest of their band, to their credit, weave their voices in between her dominating presence with ease.


Which is interesting; Body Language’s secret weapon is actually their harmonized vocals. Not really what you’d expect from a group making dance tracks in competition with some of the best house and disco classics. If their own material wasn’t proof enough, they performed a fierce cover of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” that would have made Whitney Houston proud.

Unfortunately it was that same high energy that hurt the performance near the end. Their laptop, knocked by the one stage movements, shut down and closed their samples, cutting their set short. Thankfully it was near the end of their set, they wouldn’t have played for longer than 10 minutes either way. But, without missing a beat Angie began performing entirely acapella. But, the damage was done and, as Kendrick Lamar refused to perform at the Rose Bowl 20 miles away, Body Language’s triumphant show ended abruptly as well. Maybe there was just something in the air.

Words: Ziv Biton


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