Adeline shares sultry new track “Mystic Lover”

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Adeline — the French-Caribbean singer, bassist and producer — we just can’t get enough of has pleasured our senses yet again with a a new single titled “Mystic Lover.” The sultry, soulful track was released last week, just in time for Valentine’s Day — but this song is about passionate love, and should be celebrated every day.

With Adeline’s velvety croon, the song thumps and swirls with delicious funk vibes, exuding that sometimes carnal nature about a intoxicating love. When Adeline sings the lyrics: “I don’t know what you did to me, but you turned me into such a freak … you really light my fuse, keep my body humming” — one can’t help but feel all warm and tingly.


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“‘Mystic Lover’ is about the raw infectious love that brings out the animal side of you,” says Adeline. “The music is inspired by early 70’s funk, but it’s a trip in the past taken on a futuristic neon lit flying bus,” she continues. “In a way, the track symbolizes the Nightshade sound. It embodies a lot of our inspirations and intentions. This is also to me the track that represents both my bass and vocal signatures. It’s a late night sexy jam that makes your head bounce and makes you wonder if you’re high.”

To put it bluntly (and quite honestly, said best), Adeline’s guitarist, Jaleel Bunton, who collaborated on the track, described it as: “Imagine If Chaka Khan was on a date with Daryl Hall, and George Clinton was their cab driver who they smoked a joint with on their way to a session with Roy Ayers…”

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Press play on all the sexy-love grooves that make up “Mystic Lover”

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