Adeline Continues to Deliver Soul Moving Tunes in 2021 with new single ‘Whisper My Name’

French Caribbean singer Adeline spent much of 2020 releasing singles and collaborating with other artists despite global lockdowns. While life may not have been normal, she kept releasing music, and, with an effortless stride, she continues into the new year with another brand new single: “Whisper My Name.”

With a stripped back sound and silky smooth production, “Whisper My Name” simmers in a sultry heat and steamy atmosphere. Playing bass and singing, Adeline hangs back in an effortless groove as she takes you through the playful romantic daydreams in her mind.


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The song’s lyrics captures an enticing love interest, one that has the subject in a love drunk haze, but one she’s in full control of. Little moments of physical attraction and emotional interest drip out like melted honey; a sweet and satisfying discovery.

It’s a tune that’s found its rhythm and saunters along with confident steps from one hook to the next. Paired with a lush and color-rich music video premiered live Colors Studio, featuring Adeline singing and playing bass, “Whisper My Name” is the epitome of smooth.

Formerly of the band Escort, Adeline has transitioned to the solo stage with ease, transferring all the swagger and suave from her band days along with her.

Also a music producer, she’s recently announced a partnership with musician Morgan Wiley to form Nighshade, a music production company in which the pair has already produced several singles including Adeline’s KAMAUU collaboration on the single “Mango.”

Catch Adeline live on Feb. 4 as part of BandsinTown PLUS — a new service from BandsinTown that provides live concerts streams.

For more on Adeline, make sure to follow her on social media or visit her website. We love that Adeline is not only a musician, but she is also using her voice and platforms to speak up against racism and white supremacy, as well as advocate for Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ and more.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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