Nick Andre brings together a trio-de-force with “Life Is Awesome” feat. Lil B, Zion I, and Casual

Nick Andre brings together a trio-de-force with "Life Is Awesome" feat. Lil B, Zion I, and Casual

San Francisco-based music producer and co-founder of Slept On Records, Nick Andre has brought together a trio-de-force for his newest single “Life Is Awesome.” Pulling the talents of Lil B, Zion I, and Casual who drop their slick lines into Andre’s suave soundscape, all to the tune of a funkily looped piano. A laid-back upper that bridges decades of hip-hop history in the Bay with its lineup, “Life Is Awesome” is about exactly that: reveling in the things we have to be grateful for and looking ahead.

“Don’t lose your head,” Lil B reassures, shouting out the Bay for good measure. Zion I comes in with a flurry of sharp lyricisms — “Stay positive, life is awesome” — that groovy piano key-drop bouncing around in the background. By the time Casual comes in, dropping rhymes into the depths of his baritone, whatever melancholy you might’ve had has been completely eradicated by the song’s infectiously syncopated beats.


Andre co-founded Slept On Records with his friend Eric aka E da Boss from Myron & E (Stones Throw) and the Pendletons (Bastard Jazz) in order to release music they were collaborating on with friends. Their first releases were a series of 12″ and 7″ records that featured Gift of Gab, Lyrics Born, and Bicaso, along with others. He’s also scored a full-length feature film in Chasing Valentine and has had music featured in the Showtime series “The CHI,” the Netflix original series “EASY,” and the show “Grownish.” But his lasting effect as a producer has been in bringing together exceptional talents that otherwise would’ve never collided.

“Really happy I was able to get these three Bay Area legends all on one track,” Andre said of the song. “Lil B set if off by sending me a dope verse and chorus And Zion I and Casual killed it as they always do.”

Listen to his new single “Life Is Awesome” below!

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