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Local rocker, Kate Clover has shared a vibrant new track titled “Love You To Death.” Dripping with all the robust rock ‘n’ roll swagger that Clover is known for, the new song pummels with steady drums and Clover’s vintage rock sound. Full of that head-banging, playful rock spirit, “Love You To Death” is just begging to be heard live. And if you’ve been to a Kate Clover show, you already know that this new cut is going to slay on stage.

Clearly a song about love and how it can drive us emotionally out of bounds, reaching feelings that drive us a bit obsessed — “Love You To Death” personifies a love that just about all of us have felt. Recorded in Mexico City at Vesubio Studios with Johnny Davilla (Davilla 666) on backup vocals, there’s a comical tidbit that can be heard around the 30-second mark. Davilla let out a very excited “wooooooooo,” shares Clover in an interview with Post-Punk.com. “It made us all crack up so we kept it in the song. You can hear it in the first verse.”

“I really like the juxtaposition of a super doo-wop sounding song with darker lyrics,” says Clover. “The Misfits are masterful at that. The subject matter of doo-wop songs are generally about desire and love. I thought it would be funny to sing from the point of view of a murderer.”

Kate Clover is set to release her highly anticipate ‘Channel Zero” EP on March 26. The new work features “Love You To Death” as well as the previous released title track.

Keep up with Kate Clover via her Insta and her website. Check out our photos and review from her concert at the Lodge Room.

Kate Clover
Kate Clover at Lodge Room — Photo: ZB Images

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