Crys Matthews album ‘Changemakers’ is light at the end of a dark tunnel

 Crys Matthews

Engaging folk-pop artist Crys Matthews like many of us has witnessed the dark side of society and now more than ever, understands her duty in the fight for change. Releasing her new album Changemakers seeped in themes of hope, justice and love, the offering reminds us all that we are not alone in this battle. The stunning 12-track triumph highlights profound music that has emerged from Black Lives Matter, Me Too and Queer Consciousness.

Commencing with “Exactly Where You Are” this country-esque song soars with ear catching harmonica and bright banjo. The inviting tune tells a tale of her many travels and the people she has met along the way. Everyone Matthews met had a unique story and though we are all different, we are also alike in so many ways. This track centers on true acceptance and togetherness, which is what we strive for in this world. 


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“Changemakers” continues with that message of coming together. Matthews talks of those in power that try to tear us apart. As much as some may try though, they can never pull us away from our common goal for change. This empowering anthem welcomes people from all walks of life to join in the fight. Soulfully singing, “We are believers, we are more than keyboard warriors, we are the change-makers yes we are,” you feel her fervent fortitude with every note.

With her captivating piece “Call Them In” the singer encourages listeners to speak up for what they believe in. We are still dealing with prejudice and hate even in today’s society and this song is for all those who diligently fight for equality. The striking offering also pays homage to civil rights activist John Lewis. 

Elegantly ending with “Hope Revolution” this moving track details the many beautiful flags we raise and how the American Flag used to be one of them. Lately the red, white and blue symbol of our country has felt as if its bright colors have been dimmed, but Matthews sings of finally being able to once again hold that flag with pride. This message of strength and hope is the ideal end to a masterfully crafted album.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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