Someplace, Somewhere Pens Emotional Debut EP ‘I’ve Decided’

someplace, somewhere Niko
Behind the Scenes still from the music video for “I’m Sorry”

Someplace, Somewhere, the stage name for musician Niko Burciaga, has released a slow, melodic EP, ‘I’ve Decided.’ The collection of four songs is perfect to sink deep into, or play in the background as a moody interlude. Staticky instrumentals weave into somber lyrics of self discovery, loss and ultimately the decision to hold onto hope. The ups and downs of personal experiences ebb and flow as as Someplace, Somewhere searches for the meaning of it all.Starting off with the strained emotions of “I’m Sorry,” a single that captures the end of a tough relationship, Someplace Somewhere explores the tougher feelings of change.

“The song lyrically was inspired by a moment I had with myself driving home from work mid last year. I was feeling a lot and their were so many changes happening around me at the time,” shares Burciaga. ”I was also in a creative rut and this song was an upfront approach of me asking those big questions that were on my mind that had to do with my faith & purpose. This song was a gift and an answer to a lot of those thoughts and feeling I had then.”


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Speaking on the visuals for this EP and specifically the opening track, Someplace Somewhere notes he really focused on the concept of faith and having it tested. The song’s music video captures this with distorted imagery as our main character walks around, talking and singing through a toy phone.

“When I write music I like to think of visuals that symbolize the feelings these songs bring,” explains Burciaga. “Specifically with this song I wanted to show how it feels to carry faith in your life how at times that connection can be tested, neglected, even damaged. The journey isn’t easy but through it all miracles exist and when I brought the idea to The Montgomery Brothers, Ethan & Luke helped me expand  upon that idea. They helped me shape the idea of having a character carrying this emergency red phone stranded waiting for an answer or call at this bus stop. The character goes through various locations ventures out in search of an answer. The character then breaks the phone later in the video and this moment perfectly describes how we sometimes break our selves down with our faith and sometimes it feels like it’s really over but right at the end the character returns to the bus stop seeing the red phone intact and there is call waiting for him. This is where miracles happen things do get better and it’s out of our control. But shooting the video and exploring the theme even deeper with the Montgomery Brothers was an honor and inspired me to write more. So this song “I’m sorry” became Track 1 from my debut EP “I’ve Decided’”

In addition to “I’m Sorry,” the EP is filled with three other brooding tracks equally as earnest and weathered as the last.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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