Charlotte OC drops two new hypnotizing singles “Bad Bitch” and “Forest”

Charlotte OC

Blackburn native Charlotte OC is an alternative pop artist with mesmerizing music. She sings with so much raw emotion and every stunning note captivates listeners. Now Charlotte OC unleashes her two singles simultaneously  “Bad Bitch” and “Forest”, each exuding a fiery passion. One details an inner battle with two opposite sides of yourself and the other release displaying her more loving nature.

Ever get down on yourself and think you need to be wasted just to feel good again? “Bad Bitch” voices that relatable sentiment. The song was born from a meeting with an A&R that didn’t go quite as planned. To ease the pain she started drinking and she realized something about herself. Sober, she is unsure of herself and intoxicated her confidence skyrockets. There is no middle ground. Through her rich, soulful sound she beautifully conveys the rollercoaster of the assertive highs and insecure lows.


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“Forest” blossomed from a deep loneliness. Being without the one she loves the most, the song is an ode to her boyfriend. This striking, heartfelt tune is a reminder to him to keep what they have sacred even through the distance. The singer reveals, “I started watching After Life with Ricky Gervais and got incredibly overwhelmed with how scary it is to fully love somebody. I also felt like I was losing him, so I wrote this to remind him of me.”

A fast-rising talent, Charlotte OC has obtained a fervent fan base through her poignant tracks bursting with so much strength. The British (Malawian-Irish descent) singer’s dark quality and haunting vocal tone dances around your mind with each listen. Intimate and honest she tackles her inner demons head-on. Both singles showcase that courage to be candid and it’s through that authenticity we are touched in our souls.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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