Indulge your heartache with Young Saab’s midnight slow-burner “No Rush”

Young Saab

Brooklyn duo Young Saab has shared a new single “No Rush” from their upcoming debut mixtape Young Saab Stories Vol. 1 out this July. A slow-burning track that wrestles with the still-raw wounds of heartbreak via its hauntingly piercing vocals and aching piano medley, “No Rush” tracks the deliriously painful process of letting go of a love that has already been extinguished. Born out of a pre-pandemic hangout between Young Saab, East Coast rapper ANoyd, and Brooklyn indie trio Young Rising Sons, like all the songs on Young Saab Stories Vol. 1 the creation of “No Rush” was a collaborative affair — and the song only benefits from the wealth of talent on it. What do you get when you cross all three together? An impeccably emotive song that alternates so maddeningly well between the quiet anxiousness and angry frustration (articulated beautifully in ANoyd’s sharp bars) that can swell inside a broken heart. Just as the lover with the aching heart finds themselves lingering, so to do the minimalist beats and lush vocals of “No Rush” linger inside your ear — like the memories and words of that newly empty space in your bed.


“We started working on No Rush with Andy [of Young Rising Sons] one night a year ago. We had the main bit of the song written pretty quickly, but knew that it wasn’t finished yet… and then we waited patiently for a year to find the right person to help us find the missing piece to finish the song,” Young Saab said of the collaborations on the song. “I am constantly listening to music, zoning out while trawling Spotify playlists for inspiring artists to work with. When our last single “Shoulda Coulda Woulda” got added to the playlist Antipop, I listened down to the whole thing. I was floored when I heard a song by ANoyd. His flow fully blew my mind. On a whim, I hit him up on DM to see if he wanted to try out a verse. What came back to us a few days later was the craziest verse we’ve ever heard. When Jon and I first hear it, we got immediate chills. We knew then that the song was complete.”

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Listen to the new single “No Rush” below

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