Omar Apollo Shifts Gears in 2021 with New Single “Go Away”

Omar Apollo Shifts Gears in 2021 with New Single “Go Away”

After releasing a Quarantine Ep in 2020, Los Angeles artist Omar Apollo steps into the summer of 2021 with a new single “Go Away.” The upbeat, electro tune is drenched in melodrama and wistful exuberance as the melody chases the open vibes of summer as the lyrics paint the backdrop for an exploration into love.

“Go Away” is a tune that gets lost in itself, whether it be the echoey dreamlike synthesizers driving the lofty melody, or the vocals that dance along a soft falsetto and carefully utilized reverberations. Lyrically, there’s a familiarity to Apollo’s theme of escapism as he indulges in the fantasy of being closer to the one he loves. Infatuated and edging on unexplainable, Apollo reveals a romantic vulnerability in asking for more. His needs ebb along softly as his strong feelings hide behind a more subtle request.


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The music video captures the mix of longing lyrics with a more laid back melody with Apollo singing and dancing through scenes of social engagement and solitude. Time lapses of floral vegetation in bloom add to the soft and a ethereal theme as does the soft tones of the imagery.

With a catalog of singles and EPS that range from soft acoustic indie to R&B and hip hop driven melodies, Apollo’s music, like his songwriting skills, melt and mold into unique expressions of art influenced by the artist’s current mood. Describing his style as inventive and taking inspiration from every vein of music, 23-year-old Apollo is stepping into his artistry with more confidence and vision as he finishes up his debut album.


I used to think I wasn’t built for this because I’m just a kid from Indiana,” says Apollo. “But that thought is gone now. I know what to do. Everything just feels right.”

Along with finishing an LP, Apollo will be touring this year across the states including a stop in Los Angeles on October 23 at the Shrine along with several other musicians.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Omar Apollo’s tour dates, new music and more, make sure to visit his website or follow him on Instagram and T witter.

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