Night Talks band

After a four-year hiatus from releasing music, Los Angeles band Night Talks is back with their new single “Overcome,” the first single off of their upcoming sophomore album, Same Time Tomorrow. Bouncy, light and with plenty of dream pop synth to open with, the tune is an upbeat downer, with a catchy as hell melody and heartbreaking lyrics not about lost love, but friendships grown apart. Despite the somber subject, “Overcome” leads with an air of optimism that even in the midst of a tough situation, we are strong enough to handle the changes that come with time.

“Overcome is about the dissolution of a friendship. I feel like friend breakups are just as painful as romantic relationship breakups, but it can feel so much weirder,” notes bandmate Soraya. “Sometimes you grow out of friendships or grow apart from each other, and sometimes you realize that the friendship isn’t serving either person in a positive or healthy way.At the end of the day, things did turn out okay. The pain is not permanent and it is possible to overcome the hurt and weird feelings that come from losing a friend.”

The band also weaves in a captivating visual element with an offbeat but playful music video for the single. In it, bandmates start out playing in front of a blank canvas. As they get into the swing of things, a colorful painting is added behind them. From there, the background props and the band’s instruments change colors, from blue to green to purple, in a lively montage as the band continues to play amidst the joyful chaos. Finally, the camera settles on a kaleidoscopic view of lead singer Soraya as a blend of colors behind her appears in an ethereal haze before it cuts back to the entire band with a barrage of colorful props behind them; the video ends right where it started as the band walks away from a near empty set.

In addition to writing a solid pop infused, alt-rock tune, Night Talks also tackled the creative elements of their new music video, putting together their own wardrobe and makeup and helping with props and set design. With so many visual components to follow, the music video is vibrant, fresh and fun directly influenced by the band’s taste and good humor.

Consisting of bandmates Soraya Sebghati, Jacob Butler and Josh Arteaga, Night Talks is excited to be making music again and is here to have some fun. Night Talks will have an exclusive single release party on Aug. 25, as well as a free show (21+) on August 28 at Highland Park Bowl. More news on their upcoming album will follow. Stay tuned!

Words: Patti Sanchez

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