Ella Rosa slips ever more comfortably into her pop/neo-soul niche with single “Nothing Sacred”

Ella Rosa

British singer/songwriter Ella Rosa has shared a new single in the form of “Nothing Sacred,” a bouncily lush track that takes a long, scrutinizing look at past relationships and the red flags often missed. Carried by her penchant for lulling deeply intimate and R&B-infused songs, her latest single unfolds on the back of warm guitar lines and spacey but punchy percussion. But at the center of “Nothing Sacred” is Rosa’s piercing, breathy croons, her vocals eerily evoking everyone from Amy Winehouse to SZA.


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Written in retrospect about a relationship that had just ended, Rosa unabashedly chastises herself for her false hope and her former partner for their titular outlook that nothing is sacred to them. Rosa herself is no stranger to opening up about the things weighing on her heart, with previous singles like “Take Yourself Home” off her Yellow Blazer EP and “Englishman in New York” exploring the growing pains of digging out your roots from one continent and trying to plant them in another.

Originally beginning as an opera singer, she moved with her family at 11-years-old to New York to pursue her dreams of studying classical music performance at The New School. Eventually, Rosa started to realize she found more creativity and growth as an artist working in the vein of R&B and pop/neo-soul that she now produces, and after returning home to London she began writing new songs on guitar. After selling out shows in London Rosa is now in Los Angeles, where she just ended a string of shows at venues like The Hotel Café and SoFar Sounds rehearsing her music.


“I felt like I had given a lot to someone who was sitting on the surface and it scared me to think that I didn’t pick up on those red flags,” Rosa said of the single. “I think it’s always scary after a really long relationship to pick up on the things that you didn’t notice when you guys were together.”

Listen to Ella Rosa’s new single “Nothing Sacred” below!

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