Jarina de Marco and Esty join forces on pop-banger “Pare De Sufrir”

Jarina de Marco and Esty join forces on pop-banger "Pare De Sufrir"

Dominican and Brazilian artist Jarina de Marco has joined forces with Dominican-American singer Esty to release their highly anticipated collaboration on “Pare De Sufrir,” a vibrant pop anthem powered by the duo’s envigorating vocal work. Written by Jarina after a break-up with a toxic partner and the sense of freedom that came in its aftermath, the track accentuates its curt and sharp proclamations of independence with concussive beats that are impossible not to dance to. “Pare De Sufrir” is essential listening for anyone who needs a reminder via its kinetic bursts and addictive hooks that letting go of the dead weight of bad lovers is so, so sweet.


It’s even more shocking that such a banger was recorded only in one afternoon by Jarina and Esty, the latter lending her enthralling bars to the song’s pulsating rhythms. And while there is no music video for “Pare De Sufrir,” it does come with a visualizer and lyric video that takes the kawaii plushie aesthetics of the song’s cover and translates them into vivid animations.

“I just broke up with my boyfriend and snapped out of the trance I was in where I thought I wasn’t a bad bitch but OF COURSE I’M A BAD BITCH,” Jarina said of the single. “And now I’m ready to move the fuck on kind of song. Esty, Medio Picky, Stint, and I made the song in an afternoon, and it felt like music magic. So if you’re ready to take off those rose colored glasses, and say bye-bye to your toxic lover, who by the way does not deserve you…this track is for you.”

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Visit Jarina de Marco’s Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements. Keep in touch with Esty via her Twitter and Instagram.

Listen to Jarina de Marco’s new single featuring Esty “Pare De Sufrir” below!

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