Spelles face down the sea on their spectacularly haunting new single  "Ghost Ship"

Spelles (aka Kathryn Baar and Luc Laurent) have shared another stunning video for one of their songs, this time for their spellbinding and colossal new song “Ghost Ship.” A soaring, hauntingly sonorous medley of thunderous percussion and Baar’s own affecting wails, “Ghost Ship” is a powerful affirmation of what the singer identifies as a necessitation of growth. “A ghost ship on the water / Is headed straight for me,” she howls into the crashing waves of dark orchestral tones that eddy around her. It’s a song about meeting the unknown head-on and not allowing a fear of the inevitable to taint your spirit, and Spelles perfectly embody that tempered passion needed to exist as a human being, one ever so mortal, flawed, and constantly needing to grow.


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The music video for the song, directed by Zach Bell and filmed in the gorgeous environs of Leo Carillo beach, captures the song’s ominous themes visually with spectacular shots of Baar by the coast. Standing in all black on the edges of rocky sea cliffs just above an ever-foaming and colliding swells of water, Baar is a soothing image of tranquility as she surrenders herself to the ocean’s catastrophic power. It’s not the first time the group has used the natural world as a means of interpreting their music, as their last single “Machete” was filmed at Red Rocks Canyon State Park.

‚ÄúThere are different phases and transitions throughout life and eventually death that all of us must face,” Baar said of the inspiration behind the song. “This existence can create a fear of the unknown and a fear of staying the same. My pursuit of growth, meaning, and acceptance has been exciting and also quite painful. I hope this song can provide some comfort to those who are currently on their own path for peace and truth.”

Watch the video for Spelles new single “Ghost Ship” below!

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