CARR Releases Witty, Biting New EP ‘I’m Just Bored’ Alongside New Music Video

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With a biting sense of realism and diary-like lyrics, New Jersey born, L.A. based artist CARR explores coming of age themes in her new EP, I’m Just Bored out now via Pack Records. From romance (toxic relationships and all), the bittersweet path to self discovery, making mistakes and just being young and trying to get a handle on life, CARR traverses her inner thoughts with wit and humor, writing plainly and openly about life as she knows it.

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Sprinkled with nostalgic indie rock vibes and laced with a punk mentality, I’m Just Bored ignites a youthful flame that at times burns very brightly and then in other moments, simmers down to a crackling ember. Equal parts tough and tender, CARR writes for the dissatisfied adolescents on the edge of adulthood where decisions seem precarious and mistakes are made in plenty.

Fizzling romances, actions taken just for the hell of it and the gaping chasm of boredom all co-mingle in CARR’s seven-song release where she takes turns being the heartbreaker and the heartbroken.

“The title of the EP I’m Just Bored really says it all for me. It was such a tough year, and I was just genuinely really bored in my personal life,” notes CARR. “I felt like I was either thinking too much about people from my past or just not really thinking at all. I wanted to make this project a representation of that, so it’s a  little weird and really fun but honest at the same time. I feel like it truly represents who I am at the core. It’s the first time I worked with new producers as well and I met amazing friends and future collaborators. We all just had so much fun together making these songs.”

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The last single released off CARR’s new EP also comes with a sardonic music video capitalizing on the angst and frustration of annoying relationships and arrogant people. Visually, the music video ties into the concept for her “Loser” music video and is actually a prelude that explains the events that lead up to CARR’s bloody appearance in the former video and explains the “body” she is getting rid of. Both videos were a collaboration with Pond Creative and play on CARR’s playful, albeit mocking, tone throughout her new EP.

CARR will be appearing in Los Angeles on Nov. 13 at the Baader House … alongside ill Peach and Makk Mikkael. For tickets and more information, visit the event’s Eventbrite page.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more information, make sure to follow CARR on Instagram and Twitter.

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