Shiloh Eyes Releases Atmospheric Debut Single “Me Time”

Cultivating a rich, ethereal sound, Shiloh Eyes — the musical project of Christine Schatz, a Los Angeles-raised artist, songwriter, and producer — brings forth her debut single, “Me Time.” The breakout track pairs a lo-fi electronic sound with echoey vocals and a slow rhythm to produce a powerfully hypnotic track. “Me Time” pulsates with a cerebral spark, connecting real life pain and healing to the subconscious flow of getting lost in a song. While the lyrics are on the side of melancholy, its melody draws you in as if to usher you out of your woes.


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Its central theme focuses on the beginning stages of healing — a process Schatz went through after going through a divorce and leaving Pennsylvania to move back to her home state of California. Realizing she had to save herself, “Me Time” reflects on a very personal crossroad to reclaim her life and future. The raw blend of emotions she felt through leaving and rebuilding her life are captured in this single.

The moody and enveloping single also comes with a sparse but peaceful music video featuring Shiloh Eyes taking a trip out to the desert to get some space. Simple and straightforward, the video lends itself to the array of emotions amplified in the song.

While it was the painful process of dealing with betrayal and moving on with her life that became the catalyst for Shiloh Eyes, Schatz has learned to channel anguish into art. Her music creates a palpable atmosphere and evokes a mixture of emotions before instilling a sense of relief and healing.

Before venturing out into a solo project, Shiloh Eyes frontwoman Schatz culminated her deep love for music into multiple mediums whether it be creating a music blog, The Loop, to being a self-taught DJ. Both ventures helped embed her into the Southern California music scene. Having critiqued and curated music, Shiloh Eyes is now using her love for and deep and diverse knowledge of music to create something of her own as well.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Shiloh Eyes, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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