Sha’Leah Nikole gives a rousing celebration of Black beauty in video for “Mahogany”

Sha’Leah Nikol gives a rousing celebration of Black beauty in video for "Mahogany"

Sha’Leah Nikole has shared a lush devotional to Black identity with the release of her new music video “Mahogany.” The Los Angeles songwriter is no stranger to utilizing her poetic vision for the purpose of uplifting her community and her new video is a vibrant gushing of that adoration. As “Mahogany” sees Nikole swoon in that euphonious trill of hers as she illustrates the necessity of loving your skin as a person of color. Her vocals and the soaring harmonies that join them give her words an ethereal touch, leaving you lost in their dulcet ebb and flow.


With the help of director and TV writer Nina Gloster the music video for “Mahogany” literally brings to life Nikole’s ecstatic love letter to the culture that has nurtured her as a black woman. It’s a video filled with beautiful Black faces that Nikolel wants to shine a radiant light on — if only to reveal just how incandescent those faces are on their own. It also hones in on Nikole’s multigenerational appreciation for the people that have cultivated this hallowed love for Black people to feed off of, to look back on, and to discover more of themselves within.

Gleaming, gorgeous, and guided by a tenderly ardent voice Nikole’s remains as enigmatic as ever. “Mahogany” will join the rest of her stunning singles on her upcoming EP Work of heART which will be unveiled later this year and see Nikole’s continue her thread of discerningly intimate and vulnerable songwriting.


Hailing from South Central, Nikole’s has been singing since her mother enrolled her into the Amazing Grace Conservatory at the age of eight years old. And she continues to give back to that community in a number of ways, including My Footprints LA, a nonprofit which offers opportunities of self-growth through service and mentorship.

Watch Sha’Leah Nikole’s video for “Mahogany” below!

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