Rainsford announces her return with new single "Brutal" (feat. Anna of the North)
Photo by Jason Lee Parry

Rainsford has ended her temporary hiatus from music with the release of her new single “Brutal” (feat. Anna of the North). It’s some of the first music Rainsford has shared since the release of her last batch of singles in 2020, but the indie singer/songwriter hasn’t lost her touch in crafting the kind of emotionally engulfing songs she’s been known to pen. Inspired by a vent session Rainsford had with fellow artist Charlotte Lawrence, at its core “Brutal” uses the affecting duet between her and Anna as a female-to-female catharsis. Though the track languishes in its acute pain it ultimately finds some closure in its echoed sorrow — its finale a booming triumph of whining guitars.

“‘Brutal’ is a really unique song for me because up until this point, pretty much all of the songs I’ve released have been based on my own experiences,” Rainsford said of the song. “I wrote ‘Brutal’ with Charlotte Lawrence – we had been speaking about getting in the studio for a while. When we got in the studio, we had this vent session where Charlotte was talking about something she was going through. While we were speaking, I was writing, of course giving it an artistic spin. We had the demo recorded in a couple of hours. I liked the format of the female, female duet we had established, and had been a fan of Anna’s (Anna of the North) for so long, so naturally she was perfect for this track.”

After spending 2021 focusing on her acting career Rainsford has plans to make 2022 a big one in terms of new projects, music, and collaborations. As a singer/songwriter, actress, model, writer, and creative director Rainsford splits her time between a number of creative spaces. Her debut EP Emotional Support Animal revealed Rainsford’s love of conclusively sonorous soundscapes, the kind filled with vibrant pop-bombast and her own entrancing vocals. Songs like imploding dance track “Better Days” and the dreamy synth-love piece “Intentions” (feat. Twin Shadow) are alluring standouts.

But that EP was only the beginning and in the two years that followed Rainsford dropped a slew of six singles that only grew her already devoted following. There was “Open Open,” a transfixing and resounding ballad of electronic rhythms; “2 Cents” a lush, crystalline pop piece; and the melancholic but invigorating vulnerability of “Crying in the Mirror.” Each new single unveiled Rainsford’s clear infatuation with 80s-90s synth-infused pop. While the more recent “Love Me Like You Hate Me” scatters those tones into elongated distortions on the eviscerating ballad. With the release of “Brutal,” Rainsford continues to make her indelible mark on modern pop and her debut album is awaited with the greatest of anticipation.

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