Alexa Villa drops new single “Not Your Fool” off new album Good Girl

Alexa Villa drops new single "Not Your Fool" from upcoming album "Good Girl"
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Los Angeles-based Alexa Villa continues to build anticipation for her album Good Girl with the release of new single “Not Your Fool.” A buoyant and bass-thumping manifesto by Villa the track ignites one of many running themes in the singer/songwriter’s music: not taking other people’s shit. Between its concussive rhythms and hook-charged riffs “Not Your Fool” is a track about no longer placating what other people expect you to be or do. “I spend so much time on one silly man,” she inquires lucidly against the track’s dagger-sharp lyricism and bubbly pop.


But “Not Your Fool” also reveals just how much Villa takes inspiration from everyone like Miley Cyrus, Willow Smith, Gwen Stefani, and Alanis Morissette. As the song explodes in finale it starts to spiral into a an almost disco-infused medley while Villa gives a radiating howl — just a stark reminder of her vocal abilities. “Not Your Fool” is the third single to be released from Good Girl, following both its title track and “Call Me Crazy.” According to Villa the album is deeply rooted in both Villa and other women’s experiences wrestling with and reconciling the narrow expectations the world has for them.


Villa has spent much of her life doing what’s she’s been called to despite the vitriol of others. While still in school she was taking time off to go play Warped Tour, since then opening for acts like fellow femme-rockers Hinds, The Darkness, and Ryan Cabrera. A classically trained pianist and producer, not to mention a vibrant fashion lover, there seems to be few realms that Villa wouldn’t submerge herself into to better her art.

Good Girl is out now and every one of its nine-tracks dazzle just as much as her latest singles. If “Not Your Fool” is anything to go by it’s clear that Villa has struck a chord, found that niche as a “bubble rockstress” wailing phenomenally about the eviscerating truths and realities that come with being shoved into the “Good Girl” box.

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“I’ve caught myself and I’ve seen so many of my friends, strong and beautiful women, altering themselves to fit inside the box that was created for us,” Villa said of the track and album. “Why do we have to wear pink, have the perfect body, or be quiet and look pretty to be feminine? And if we do live outside the box why do we as women then become stereotypes? I wrote this song at a time when I was frustrated and angry about the rules. Rules that were so clearly made to be broken. I don’t have to be anything but myself to be a woman. I wake up everyday and get to decide who I want to be. That’s what this song is about.”

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