roman around’s New Single “Like Me More” Shed’s Light on Toxic Peer Pressure and Drug Abuse

Roman Rivera of roman around, photo by Ker
Roman Rivera of roman around, photo by Ker

Teeming with a fresh perspective and encompassing tracks, emerging Fresno band roman around has caught the attention of many music fans and outlets. Their first two singles garnered support from a variety of media and playlists, now, with their latest single, “Like Me More,” out via Trailing Twelve Records, roman around continues to make sonic waves.

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Pulsating with electro beats atop a silky, R&B influenced undercurrent, “Like Me More” is an atmospheric, encompassing track that churns with anticipation and loss. Equal parts edgy and smooth, the single is disjointed at times before coming back together in a powerful way.

Lyrically potent, “Like Me More” is about the effects of peer pressure, drug abuse and losing loved ones to its toxic grip. Asking whether someone would like them more “if I take a hit,” roman around frontman Roman Rivera muses on this painful cycle, and despite knowing the right thing to do in the moment, there is a sense of hopelessness; the stage has been set and whether they partake or not, it’s not a situation that will end well.

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“”Like Me More” is a song that highlights the struggle of alcoholism and drug use amongst those we hold closest,” Rivera notes. “The peer pressure of caving-in holds experiences that were never desired. Stories of trips explained to someone after they’ve forgotten what happened makes drug use not always worth the experience.”

roman around comprises of 24-year old Rivera along with bandmates Justin Vogel (bass, keys, vocals), Chevas Vandel (keys, vocals), and Luke Schafer (drums). Rivera, a Native and Mexican American artist, talented drummer, multi-instrumentalist and teacher — champions the importance of community and spirituality and channels these aspects into their songwriting for the band.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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