Ryan LeVine is back with a declaration of devotion on new single “Weather” featuring Leslie Stevens

Ryan LeVine
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Ryan LeVine has shared his newest single “Weather” via his solo project and it’s another heart-string tugger. It’s a song about not letting your own emotions get the best of you or prevent you from acknowledging what others are going through. Delivered by his quivering elucidations and joined by country singer Leslie Stevens, “Weather” traces delicately LeVine’s attempt to reconcile himself with the people around him.


The song is wrapped up in LeVine’s tireless devotion as much as it is in swells of folk-rock anthemics. With his melancholic drawl, the twang of acoustic strings, and smoldering riffs — not to mention a somber piano backing –“Weather” is a powerfully cathartic declaration of love. And with Stevens supplying her own strident vocals the new track also lends itself the kind of dulcet harmonies the best folk pieces come alive with.

It’s also the first single since LeVine released his debut EP Good Things to Remember last year and further proof that since the end of his previous Wildling, the singer/songwriter remains no less intimately prolific.


LeVine also has big plans for 2022. The artist will be releasing a number of live videos that’ll recreate songs from his EP Good Things to Remember as well as his newest single “Weather” (feat. Leslie Stevens). And if you still haven’t given a listen to his debut EP a listen, go do that now, it’s heart-wrenching but an incredibly beautiful reckoning of the soul unfolds within it.

“I wrote ‘Weather’ when I was single, reflecting on past relationships and thinking about how I could be/do better when I found the next one,” LeVine explained. “In my twenties, it felt difficult not to conflate individual emotions with those related to my partner and the relationship, everything felt personal and connected. As I’ve gotten a little older, I understand that we can be going through difficult moments that have nothing to do with one another, and that we need to hold space for each other during those times (this extends beyond the boundaries of romantic relationships as well). Sometimes holding space means giving space, and remaining supportive at a distance. That’s not always easy, but I think I’ve gotten a lot better at it.”

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Listen to Ryan LeVine’s new single “Weather” (feat. Leslie Stevens)

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