Oscar Lang Wallice 2022
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London based artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Oscar Lang shares his brand new single “I’ve Never Been To LA” featuring Dirty Hit labelmate Wallice. The first new piece of music for Lang since his debut album drop last year, “I’ve Never Been to L.A.” is a crispy, lo-fi indie pop tune laced with a sparkling youthful tone and sunset drenched vibes that give one the hopeful impression that anything is possible.


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“‘I’ve Never Been To L.A.’ is an anthem for all those people that have only ever seen sunny Los Angeles through the eyes of Hollywood,” Lang says of the song. “An imaginary world where you get to hold your hands in the air while cruising down the freeway soaking up American hyper-consumerism. Being an L.A. native and me being a huge fan of hers I thought it was only right to ask Wallice to hop on the track and come at it from the American perspective.”

Delighted to be on the track, Wallice notes how easily she picked up on the single’s upbeat tone.

“When I first heard the demo that Oscar sent I was driving down the freeway headed home during a beautiful orange L.A. sunset, and I loved the song,” notes Wallice. “I think that’s the ideal time and activity to be doing while listening to this song. I was born and raised in L.A. and Oscar has never been here, but when I met up with him last year in London he said he wanted to come out and visit. L.A. is infamous for everyone moving here to become a star and it’s fun to play into that even more.”

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The accompanying music video chronicles Lang’s arrival in Los Angeles and subsequent touring of the city alongside Wallice and other friends. Young, carefree and with a mix of perspectives (overseas LA visitor versus lifelong Angelino), the visuals for “I’ve Never Been to LA” captures the buttery, incandescent vibes of a no-agenda day in Los Angeles.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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