2022 Forecast: Los Angeles Music Artists To Watch featuring Wallice

2022 Forecast: Los Angeles Artist’s To Watch featuring Wallice

Los Angeles DIY-artist Wallice has had a prolific year. She released her stellar debut EP Off the Rails, a six-song collection of indie-pop leaning bops that introduced fans to her self-deprecating and incisive songwriting. But the 22-year-old also made a few live show milestones, performing at her first music festival at Head in the Clouds and her debut headlining hometown show at the Moroccan Lounge in downtown L.A. Both performances revealed a long-awaited arrival to the stage for Wallice and she did not disappoint, bringing all the rowdy spunk that’s woven into her rock-forward rollickers about the bizarre experiences of young adults in her generation. 


It’s no wonder that Wallice has amassed a large following of people who identify with the thick existential dread that hangs over her songs, or the biting humor with which she approaches such ceaseless obstacles as money troubles or toxic men (“Hey Michael”). From the effervescent melodies of her most invigorating diatribes like “Off the Rails” or “23,” Wallice is needle-accurate in pinpointing the growing pains that come with growing up in a bleak but never-boring world.

Wallice, whose full name is Wallice Hana Watanabe, started writing around the age of 17, collaborating with childhood friend and fellow artist marinelli to produce her first group of singles. But Wallice is anything but an indie pop artist relegated to the role of singer, she’s a DIY prodigy whose creative vision is evident in her songwriting and music videos. Her influences range from Weezer to blink-182, not including her formidable jazz background, which she’s also expressed interest in exploring in her own music one day. And with the release of her newest single “Wisdom Tooth,” the future looks pretty incandescent for Wallice.  


Wallice goes on tour with Still Woozy end of January with two Los Angeles shows at The Novo on Jan. 5 and Jan. 8, as well as a stop at the Fox Theatre in Pomona on January 16. Visit Wallice’s Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

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