Carley Lusk 2022
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Independent LA based artist Carley Lusk drops her latest single “Yours if You Want,” a tantalizing and up front R&B tune with a steamy and elegant music video. Meant to capture the attention of a love interest, “Yours if You Want” is a bold statement that fits snugly under the category of smooth makeout music, perfect for life’s more intimate moments.


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With a powerful hook, polished R&B instrumentals, driving guitar – especially during the opening chords and throughout the chorus – and buttery vocals, Lusk’s new single is filled with soul, desire and power. Unabashed in her lyrics, being as straightforward as possible so as to make her amorous intentions known, Lusk is not a helpless romantic, rather a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t going to sit idly by as she feels the spark between her and her crush.

“Shut your mouth/you talk too much/ kiss my lips now …” Lusk sings in the opening lyrics, punctuating the track with passion and sensuality right from the beginning.

The song’s accompanying music video shows Lusk in a mansion, wearing various decadent and sexy clothing, including a long gown designed and made by Lusk’s sister. Lusk moves through the estate, sometimes wooing her love interest and at other times sensually singing and dancing alone. Aerial views of Lusk dancing add a cinematic element while direct camera shots add to the single’s allure.

“Yours if You Want” is the second release of the year for Lusk, following “222,” a post-relationship reflection song infused with R&B and pop elements, released of course on Feb. 22.

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Born and raised in Detroit, Lusk’s music exudes a soulful Motown vibe with a clever songwriting style and moving vocals. Lyrically, Lusk touches on subjects such as women empowerment, love and relationships, spirituality and how all these themes connect in one’s life.Through her music, she pushes to explore new spaces mentally and emotionally.

Both of Lusk’s singles will appear on her upcoming EP. In addition to releasing music over the past few years, Lusk has been honing her skills as a performer, regularly performing lively and energetic shows around LA with a full backing jazz band.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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