Between Friends
Photo by Lauren Leekley

Between Friends are back with another sonic adventure with the release of their CUTiE EP. Across vibrant, unfathomably danceable pop mixtures sibling duo Brandon and Savannah Hudson give their vision of what they call “modern music television” — transmitted on the album as an assortment of potent atmospherics, mesmerizing vocalizations, and sublimely ensnaring soundscapes.


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Take album opener “hiii,” where breathy vocals and breezy instrumentals spill over into “navigate” and its ebullient beats. That’s all it takes — a little under five minutes — for you to find yourself completely enamored with CUTiE. From there it’s a journey through melodious and resounding tracks like “laurel,” and the cascades of synth vocals that explodes on the hyper-pop piece “try.” Other standouts include the slow-burning effervescence of “orange juice” and the soul-thrumming beats on “baby girl.”

Along the way the duo mix in spoken-word moments like “make more friends,” which like the EP’s lush interludes, help thematically and aurally bleed the tracks together. But the band’s music videos offer a whole other essential side to their art and message. Trippy, dripping in nostalgia for retro visuals, the videos for “try” and “orange juice” are just two examples of how Between Friends appears to have no limits to their inspired expressions.

Much like their last release — the sprawling electronica wonderland of i like when you shine!CUTiE arrives audibly cohesive. A collection meant to be experienced cover to cover where, for just under an hour, you can truly lose yourself to Between Friends’ ever-bewitching musical worlds.

“Welcome to CUTiE TV, our take on modern music television. For our new project, we wanted to create something that vacuums you into the new colors of our world inside of between friends. A couple of months back we were watching old music videos and stumbled upon MTV’s first-ever broadcast. We were instantly transported into a time machine of content and knew right away that we wanted to tie our new project together with visuals that felt like episodes of our own station. CUTiE, to us, is several new personalities that we have never been able to embrace until now. There’s a confidence and color to them that feels unfamiliar and exciting. Within each song is a new persona and we wanted to translate that via characters in all of the visuals for the project. it’s almost like 90’s Nickelodeon.”

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Between Friends is going on its first tour this fall with two nights at The Roxy in Los Angeles on October 1 and 2. Visit Between Friends’ website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to Between Friends’ new EP CUTiE below!

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