The Soulful and Silky Smooth Kesha Shantrell, Stream New Single “Company”

Kesha Shantrell 2022
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Soulful artist Kesha Shantrell drops her new single “Company,” out via Lauretta Records. A jazzy, blues-infused neo-soul track that is equally groovy as it is silky soft, “Company” immediately resonates with the weary soul. With ripples of warm backing vocals, a laid back drum beat and light piano work, “Company” is rich in tone and led beautifully by Shantrell’s superb voice.


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Thematically, “Company” tracks the internal monologues in our head that sometimes help us focus, and other times detract from who we are or what we want in life. When self-talk becomes too much, it can often feel like there are conflicting moods and emotions, a palpable energy that has its own heavy presence. Shantrell captures these feelings and explores them in a healing way with her new track.

“I’m SO excited to finally put out this song ‘Company,’” notes Shantrell in an Instagram post. “What started as a phrase used often by my beautiful and hilarious friend Nikki Leonti got me thinking about how we all hold some sort of ‘Company’ in us. Voices in our heads that sometimes lie to us about who we are and what we are worth…just a bunch of unwanted and uninvited COMPANY.”


“Company” is just Shantrell’s eighth single release to date. Last year, Shantrell dropped her debut EP, Phase, featuring two previously released singles and four new ones, including the title track, an immediate standout even among equally strong tunes. While much of the album flows within a similar rhythm, her release is punctuated by the incandescent “Fire,” filled with heavy drum beats and a driving urgency. This carefully crafted collection showcases Shantrell’s strength not just as a vocalist but as a songwriter as well.

Since debuting her music in 2020, Shantrell has carved a cozy space for herself and her insightful, meaningful tracks, also blending her Costa Rican and Mississippi roots into her work. Her neo-soul style ranges in tempo from sexy and fun to sad-girl smooth.

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Though she is a newcomer to releasing original music, she pulls from her time as a background singer for artists such as Leona Lewis, Andy Grammer and Kanye West. This polished professionalism meets a more intrinsic and singular talent resulting in an unforgettable sound. Be on the lookout for more music and performances from Kesha Shantrell.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Kesha Shantrell, make sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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