Chow Mane gets freaky with alien abduction on new single/video “What’s My Name”

Chow Mane

Chow Mane is back with another cheeky-as-hell interstellar banger with his new single and video for “What’s My Name.” One that flips the iconic Benny Benassi hit “Satisfaction” and turns its shuddering, electronica-grinding bass into a pulsating frenzy. Teaming up with Japanese producer Zuma and San Diego singer/songwriter and rapper Dane Amar, “What’s My Name” is a blitz of all that makes a Chow Mane track so damn fun to bump. With every concussive synth drop, he drops his gruff bars — mixing his illustrative sensuality (“I always wanted to know what alien booty tastes like”) and devil-may-care playfulness.


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But the single is incomplete without the music video, which sees Chow Mane abducted by a group of femme aliens after a night of drinking. Tied down to a stretcher the alien abduction kink is taken head-on as they start “operating” on him — all the West Coast rapper can do is keep singing — until he makes his escape with his fellow abductee Amar.

After a comedic interlude in which the two untie each other, Amar jumps on the mic to rattle away as the video cuts to burnouts and a club as the aliens join in on the party. Out of this world with a tinge of psychedelia, the music video for “What’s My Name” ends pretty fittingly with a blooper reel of the cast and crew goofing around behind the scenes.


Few artists ride the line between being entertainingly talented, funny, and so genuinely vibing as Chow Mane. Since 2019 the Bay Area rapper and producer has been releasing album after album, often collaborating with multiple artists to drop ingeniously catchy meldings of hip-hop, EDM, and pop. From his debut Simmering to South Bay Summer and the tongue-in-cheek Stepbro What Are You Doing? Chow Mane has made a name for himself with his idiosyncratic style. He’s known to heavily incorporate food into his music videos, even placing entire tutorials within them.

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But he’s also significantly challenged Asian stereotypes through his work, satirizing them and presenting his own championing of Asian subculture on the West Coast. If there ever was an artist you needed to give you a slap of hilariously incisive music and art by doing a deep dive into their discography it’s Chow Mane. Make sure you keep an eye out for his upcoming album Sun Up To Sundown out in August 2022.

Watch the video for Chow Mane’s new single “What’s My Name” below!

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