Grass Lands returning once more to Outside Lands 2022 and bringing with it a new Garden of Weed’n

Grass Lands

There’s going to be a bit more green in Golden Gate Park this year! It’s just been announced that Grass Lands will be returning for another year to the fields as part of this year’s Outside Lands 2022 music festival. Taking place August 5-7 the event is a little over a week away but passes are still available for last-minute purchases here.


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As if you needed any more reasons to attend a music festival that boasts some of the best weather and environs to enjoy live music in. Last year’s festival was an exceptionally long time coming, given two years of pandemic and lockdown, and as usual, Outside Lands did not disappoint. If you need a refresher of how spectacular it all was go check out our coverage of days one, two, and three of Outside Lands 2021.


But with the return of Grass Lands, a curated experience that provides a place for festival attendees who are 21 and older to peruse, buy, and consume cannabis at Outside Lands. Ask anyone who’s attended since the space debuted in 2018 and they’ll probably tell you it’s become an essential pit stop on par with the festival’s stellar beer garden and food truck lineups.

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So who and what will actually be at the Grass Lands this year? Sponsors and partners will include everyone from STIIIZY, High Times, Traditional, Treez (the official technology partner of Grass Lands), Timeless, ZigZag, Sundae School, Woodstock Heritage, Claybourne Co., and the Headcount Cannabis Voter Project. Check out the full list up top!


As for attractions, Grass Lands will provide everything you could possibly need to elevate your mind at the festival. There will be a Farmer’s Market to buy treats from, an Arts District to enjoy live music in (which will be provided by a trio of DJs), as well as something called the Garden of Weed’n — where you’ll be able to chill out and enjoy your freshly bought cannabis products amongst the trees of Golden Gate park. You will even be able to place orders for pick-up ahead of time and pick them up at the Farmer’s Market. Visit the Grass Lands page on the Outside Land’s website for more information!

Words by Steven Ward

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