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With the release of her new single “The Florist,” verdant pop crooner Abby Sage has announced plans for a new EP and a date at El Cid on August 15 for a Planned Parenthood benefit show. The new track should make those still unknown to the Los Angeles/London-based artist’s invigorating and sonorous bedroom pop fixations ardent fans. Bathed as it is in Sage’s intimately textured murmurs and sublimely droning sonics.


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“Call the florist hope to make something pretty of it,” her coos dewed in tender melancholy. In “The Florist,” Sage assumes the role and burdens of both the people and things around her. Out of the song’s jaunty rhythms emerges an itching urgency to not only protect those closest to her — a hard enough task — but also to imbue some beauty where it’s absent.

“I’m someone who’s so protective of their friends,” Sage said. “When something is broken, I want to fix it. And a florist is someone who through their actions makes a room prettier — because flowers always manage to do that.”

Like her previous single “Pool Party,” the potency of Sage’s music comes from her ability to create these all encapsulating soundscapes. The kind that resounds with her minimalist but still sensory-consuming production and vocals. As the title track to her new EP “The Florist” is just another reminder of the mesmerizing space Sage occupies with her alt-pop conjurings. The Florist will serve as a follow-up to her Fears of Yours & Mine EP from last year — which is itself a quality primer to Sage’s enigmatic musical world.

Listen to Abby Sage’s new single “The Florist” below!

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Abby Sage’s new EP The Florist is out October 21. Catch her on tour at El Cid in Los Angeles on August 15 with Lexi Jade for the Planned Parenthood benefit concert Music For Movement.

Visit Abby Sage on her Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

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