Abby Sage Releases Confident and Tender Debut EP ‘Fears of Yours & Mine’

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Lo-if, atmospheric and moody, L.A. based artist Abby Sage creates the perfect storm of emotions with her new EP Fears of Yours & Mine out now via Nettwerk. Quiet and methodical, the six-song EP crawls along with slow building instrumentals like fog overtaking a bay while Sage’s dreamlike vocals conjure up a sense of vulnerability. Together, the soft, rolling sound rumbles along.

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“I called the project ‘Fears of Yours & Mine’ because the whole thing plays upon fears and moments of doubt that l held within a relationship and the path I was on as a whole,” Sage notes of shares of the EP. “Fear kept me from continuing one journey but pushed me directly into another. Part of that being the creation of this project. ‘When I Leave,’ ‘Fever Dream,’ and ‘Space for Me’ all touch on various problems and doubts within the relationship whereas ‘Wasting Away,’ ‘Smoke Break,’ and ‘Residing in the Sky’ speak on the ending of it all and the ultimate rediscovery of self.”

”Fever Dreams,” the EP’s main single, encapsulates the detail and soft touch of Sage as she touches on an emotionally distressing situation; unrequited love. She equates the confusion and disappointment to a vague memory of a dream — it feels so close to the surface, but you wonder if it ever happened to begin with.

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The intensity of Fears of Yours & Mine is understated and disguised as vulnerability. Its potency lies within the descriptive and honest lyrics that flow along to a strong undercurrent of emotion. Sage finds a delicate balance between melancholy and ethereal, sounding utterly beautiful even when spinning a sad tale.

Sage pieced together her new EP with the help of producer Jeff Hazin. Sage grew up in Toronto and was inspired to make music in part because of her musician dad and partly because she was drawn to the special atmosphere and connection of a live performance. She has been making music secretly and in public since she was in high school.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Abby Sage, make sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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