Kaleena Zanders and Party Pupils create a beatific disco-hit with “ME WITHOUT U”

Kaleena Zanders

With a rhythm like beatific lightning, Kaleena Zanders new single “ME WITHOUT U” with future funk duo Party Pupils is an exhilerating bop. Everything about this song was designed to make your limbs move, from its frenetic piano keys and spiraling synths to Zanders’ own meteoric vocals. With every sonic blitz and throbbing bass hit “ME WITHOUT U” only gets more intoxicating, more impossible to escape with its warmly revolving melody.

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And if the song reminds you of another iconic and glorious crooner — Whitney Houston — that’s because Zanders is channeling her in every stratospheric cry. Growing up listening to her the iconic singer became synonymous with the kind of thrilling 80s dance pop that “ME WITHOUT U” drips with. And at its center, much like Houston’s most invigorating songs, is a simple but ecstatic declaration of love.

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Those potent dance hooks are provided by Party Pupils a.k.a. MAX (Max Schneider) and producer Ryan Siegel. With their help, they lay down a delirium of disco-inspired radiance for Zanders to perform resplendently on. Every heart-skipping beat and streaking synth leaves you as awash in its euphoric sound as Zanders’ vocals. “ME WITHOUT U” also arrives with a lyric video as well so be sure to check that out as well!

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“Whitney was one of my favorite singers and I always thought her voice married with dance and 80s pop so well,” Zanders explained. “So I drew inspiration from the goddess, and Party Pupils laid down such an effervescent fresh disco pumping instrumental that blew me away. Alas, we have this big baby banger.”

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Stay updated with Party Pupils on their website, Twitter, and Instagram.

Wors by Steven Ward

Listen to Kaleena Zanders’ new single “ME WITHOUT U” below!

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