French-surrealists CARRÉ has shared one of their most peculiar creations to date with the release of their newest single and music video for “Brothers.” A cacophonous six-minute voyage into the very depths of the Los Angeles-based trio’s synth-grinding soundscapes, the track is accompanied by an equally stunning and eerie animated short created by Jerry Scott Lopez. And like most CARRÉ songs its meaning is open to a wide range of interpretations — from being an allegory for climate change to a advocating for more empathic bonds between people.


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A large chunk of “Brothers” itself is just a slow-burn crescendo to an absolutely shocking climax. This first half of the track features heavy industrial sonics and chilling vocals that drone along as the soundtrack to the film’s tale of two brothers confined to their home. But the dullness of their lives is shattered when one of them suffers a debilitating vision of bodies pressed up against the window of their home — while the other becomes obsessed with a trio of mysterious cubes. As the track picks up and whining electronics start to thunder in your ear the tension reaches horror-esque levels as the blue-hooded brother runs from his yellow counterpart, ending in a confrontation that leaves a fork stabbed through the eye of the latter.

As the music starts to dissipate the blue-hooded figure decides to bury the body along with those odd cubes — and that’s when things get really freaky. Out from the grave, an entity springs puncturing the sky and sending what looks like snow tumbling down onto the house. And then the cubes return, flying into other people’s homes living around the mountain and causing seemingly the same distress until those same entities start springing from them as well. The entire sequence is dually riveting as it is disturbing but the impression left by both the song and Lopez’s animations is impossible to shake.

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“We try to treat music like painting or pictures, with a very present imagery in mind at all times,” Keveen Baudouin said of the song and video. “I never want to be too literal with anything in lyrics and leave space for the listener to make sense of it on [their] own.”

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to the music video for the new single “Brothers” by CARRÉ below!

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