LA techno rockers Carré have shared a new song in the form of “Turn Down the Choir,” a sprawling five-minute track of looping beats and heady-electronica. The new single, accompanied by a video co-directed by Patrick Fogarty and Keveen Baudouin, and starring Ottmar De Anda and Nicolas O’Connor — follows the journey of its main character as he goes from being anesthetized to the world around him, to actually feeling connected to it and alive. But the song also parallels the kind of relationship a band has with its audience — and with “Turn Down the Choir,” Carré sends listeners on a sonic odyssey.

Between its swirling synth work and blitzing melody, the track goes from hauntingly uncanny into something euphorically uplifting. Broken into two parts, the five-minute opus unfolds at first under the canopy of melancholic tones before rising under the eerie call delivered by the band’s distorted vocals: “We are the common theme.”

“The song is a parallel between a couple of different things. I originally wrote the song around a DMT trip, so it is describing the inner battle of conscious/subconscious, control/chaos. Like in a dream the latent is dictating the rules to the manifest, but the interpretation that you ultimately give to it becomes what you perceive.”

Listen to Carré’s new song “Turn Down the Choir” below!

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